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Hughes Hybrids and Burrus Hybrids create strategic alliance.

Woodstock, IL.--Two family businesses have joined together.  Burrus Hybrids of Arenzville, IL , together with Hughes Hybrids have created a strategic alliance to better serve their customers throughout the mid-west.  The announcement was made by Tom Burrus, president of Burrus Hybrids and David Hughes president of Hughes Hybrids.

The alliance with Hughes, which markets seed corn, soybeans, and forage products in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin and Burrus which markest seed corn and soybeans in Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, and Iowa, will create complete coverage in the central corn belt.

"Despite volatility in the economy, Burrus and Hughes Hybrids have reaffirmed their commitment to independence, financial strength, and delivering quality seed corn and soybeans with unmatched service" said Burrus. "The Hughes alliance is a perfect fit for our core strategy and provides an even stronger foundation for further growth."

David Hughes of Hughes Hybrids welcomes the strategic alliance with Burrus. "Seed companies with size and growth are necessary to compete with the conglomerates and have access to trait technologies," said Hughes.  "This partnership is a strong move for the future of both companies.  Burrus, like Hughes, is known for treating customers well, so customers of both our companies will feel right at home."

Burrus Hybrids was founded in 1935 by brothers Roy and Wilbur Burrus.  The company is in its fourth generation of American, farm-family ownership.  Hughes, established in 1967, has also been an independent, family-owned company with a successful history in the seed corn, soybean, and alfalfa business.  The Hughes brothers are sixth-generation family farmers with seed experience dating back to the late 1920's.

Hughes and Burrus align very well strategically," said Tim Greene, Vice President of Burrus.  "Hughes growers will enjoy more hybrid options and soybean selections, along with access to more germplasm than virtually any company in the industry.  More agronomic information, testing, and trait technology than ever before will be at the fingertips of our growers.  In addition the Burrus on-line support system (BOSS-24/7) will allow seed dealers to order and access all their information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Also it is a great opportunity to sell fence row to fence row corn rootworm protection without soil insecticide with the new  Optimum AcreMax refuge in the bag system."

Dealers of both companies will have access to the product offerings of each company.  Geographic differences impacting maturity periods will mean that cross-selling of product is most applicable to dealers in the I-80 corridor.  Hughes management and personnel will contribute to the Burrus and Hughes success in the future.

"The philosophy of Hughes product introduction and distribution has been virtually the same as ours," said Burrus. "Like us, they develop and support products for the success of their growers, and have years of experience working with farmers that live and farm where they do."


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